Shane Brooks is a photographer who’s always chased the sun. His love of sunrises and sunsets led him to develop a routine for himself. Every morning, before the sun rises, he’s out there on the beach and has been for over six years now. It wasn’t until a few years ago that Shane bought himself a camera for Christmas; he was tired of taking pictures on his phone and wanted to get higher quality shots of the stunning place he calls home. 

From there, he got hooked on photography and hasn’t looked back since. Shane is one of seven admins for the Delmarva Beaches Daily and Beyond Facebook group, a community where members share daily photos of local beaches whenever they want. Through that group and from his photography in general, Shane has met a number of wonderful local photographers. His sunset photos featured above, are unique in how they capture the sky and the watercolor-like shades of pink and blue. For more shots just like them, head over to the Facebook group and check out a talented group of local photographers.