For Stephanie Faust, growing up in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware meant a childhood spent in the sand. Once she had a family of her own though, she started developing a love for capturing special moments, especially those spent on the beach and chasing sunsets outdoors. Faust has always had a passion for nature, birds, gardens, and chasing the sun. These are things that have directly carried over into her photography.

Each image that Faust captures tells a story. Her photography aims to connect a visual story with worded captions, which she posts daily in groups on social media, as well as simple, bright photos that evoke a sense of positivity. About four years ago, Faust made the decision to sell some of her photos. Her goal is to spread the beauty of Coastal Delaware to those who aren’t able to appreciate it every day like she is. 

Since the pandemic hit over a year ago, Faust has not missed a single day of posting her photography online. She’s received numerous messages and comments on Facebook from people who reach out to say how much they appreciate her posts every day, how seeing one photo from her brightens their days. These messages, as Faust says, are what keep her going out to capture that next shot. 

She sells prints, pillows, tote bags, mugs, note cards, and more at Shore Marketplace in Lewes on the highway next to Arby’s. If you’re interested in Faust’s photography, be sure to check out her Facebook page.