Kelsey McCarthy says that her heart was always into photography. She received her first camera for Christmas from her parents while she was in high school and ever since then, it’s been a constant in her life. In her early 20s, when deciding on a college major, she felt that if she turned her passion for photography into a career it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Instead, McCarthy did her photography on the side, making money serving at different restaurants and getting her Real Estate license. However, she discovered that her heart wasn’t into the Real Estate business like it was with her photography, so one summer she decided to take a leap of faith. She focused all of her energy into photography and very quickly, things began to fall into place.

McCarthy’s favorite thing about being in the photography business is working weddings. She loves being able to document such an enjoyable day in a couple’s life and knowing that her clients will be looking back on her photographs for the rest of their lives. McCarthy specializes in wedding photography, family portraits, and Real Estate photography. 

The best way to reach her to book a session would be through email which you can find on her contact page. Check out her website and Facebook page for more information and full photo galleries.