by Bob Shannon

When you live in an apartment, making your living environment feel homey can be challenging. And if you work from home with kids in tow, you might think it impossible to create enough space to stay productive and keep your little ones happy. You aren’t the first person to deal with these challenges, however.

There is good news: you can do it. And Sandra Erbe of Keller Williams Bethany Beach has given you some quick tips for getting started!

Look at New Homes

If you look around and decide it is time for a design upgrade, but your apartment can’t accommodate the enhancements you need, then maybe it is time to look into buying a new home. There are many steps to take in the home buying process. Take an in-depth look at the housing market in your desired neighborhoods to compare housing prices, localities, and floor plans.

Get an experienced realtor like Sandra Erbe involved early on in your house search to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the home buying process. Realtors help research to find places that can suit your needs, narrow down the houses to look out to the best ones, and navigate you through the home buying process from start to finish. With the help of a trusted realtor, you’ll be able to successfully navigate the home buying process.

Make Kid-Friendly Adjustments

If your living environment is not suitable for your children, you can easily make some changes to make it the ideal space. For younger children, add some simple safety solutions around your living space (e.g., clear outlet covers, decorative cord balls, rounded coffee or kitchen tables, hidden magnetic cabinet locks, etc.). For elementary-age kids or older, you can create designated spaces that make them feel at home, included, and productive, such as the following:

  • Designated reading nooks
  • Quiet time areas (e.g., tents or bean bag chairs)
  • Playroom
  • Homework spaces (e.g., tables or desks with all the equipment they need)

Make Work-Friendly Adjustments

Working from home full-time or part-time is practically the norm in this day and age. If you find yourself in that boat, you deserve a designated workspace in your apartment that inspires you. Whether it’s a whole room, a corner in your bedroom, or a portion of your living or dining room, make sure the space is separate from the rest of your living areas, is comfortable, and motivates you. Having a designated space is important both for your focus and for healthy boundaries. Add some greenery to your desk, get an ergonomic chair, invest in some art, and get a partition if you need to separate rooms.

Update Your Decor

Trying to decorate your apartment can feel like a challenge when trying to abide by the various rules of your lease. Fortunately, you aren’t alone in facing this challenge, and there are several strategies you can adopt to make your space feel like home. Because most apartments are painted in neutral colors, it’s important to find ways to add color to your space. Draperies, throw pillows, and bed clothes can all add functional color. Another strategy is to adorn your walls with renter-friendly peel and stick wallpaper. This can give your walls both color and texture, and you won’t have to worry about messy cleanup when you eventually move.

Your living space can be magnificent. Whether you make simple changes to fit your life or purchase a home, you can make your home dreams a reality. Don’t wait; make your home look and feel like you envision!