Elliot MacGuire first found himself getting into photography when he would take his first dog, Levi, on walks to the beach. All he had was his phone camera, but with enough practice and the perfect subject, MacGuire was able to figure out what lighting and composition worked best for him. It was a matter of trial and error for a while, but it allowed MacGuire to develop the skills and experience to take his photography further than just taking pictures on his phone. 

When he felt like he was ready to move past trial and error, he turned to YouTube. The multitude of instructional videos and the welcoming online photography community pushed MacGuire to improve his own photography and home in on the areas he found most interesting. Since he was always out exploring the beaches and state parks, MacGuire found himself gravitating towards nature and wildlife photography. He’s dabbled in all types of photography, even focusing much of his business on real estate photos and videos, but the joy he gets from the numbers game of wildlife photography is something that can’t be experienced anywhere else.

For more information on Elliot MacGuire and his photography, check him out on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re interested in his photos and would like to purchase prints, head over to his website.