Hi, friends—it’s Sandra here.

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to my New York business partner and friend Harry Zheng (pronounced “Zang”). Harry owns a second home in my community of The Overlook in West Fenwick, DE where we met. He and his family moved to the US from China when he was 15 and, thanks to great boarding schools in China and the US, he speaks fluent English. Plus, he makes me laugh, so we were destined to be friends.

Harry has a degree in business and an “advanced degree” in sales. He ranks among the top of the charts in a worldwide direct sales organization where is has received many awards and recognitions over the past 11 years. But, as I always say, a successful Realtor must be good at sales, but even more importantly, it’s all about relationship building. In that department, Harry excels.

Currently, Harry is introducing his New York sphere to the beauty and advantages of buying at the Delaware beaches, and they are loving it here. I’ve made a lot of new friends and clients through Harry and his connections.

Plus, I’ve learned quite a lot about the Chinese culture. This year, my husband Jay and I had the pleasure of being invited to Harry’s beach house for our first Chinese New Year celebration with his parents and grandparents. I wish I had taken photos of the fabulous culinary display. It was a table-length work of art!

Harry Zheng, welcome to our team—you round us out beautifully and we really enjoy working with you!