by Sarah Velasquez

Starting a new job is stressful on its own, and adding relocation into the mix makes it a tad bit harder. In addition to searching for a home, one needs to manage finding a new school for kids, investing time in packing and planning how to hit the ground running in their new role while settling into a brand new home. While managing all these responsibilities can sound overwhelming, this article provides you with the ultimate guide for smoothly adjusting to a new job and home in an affordable and stress-free manner.

Make a Plan

Focus on tackling one task at a time, allowing you to channel your time and resources into making the best decision. First, look for a new home that fits your needs. With a kid and pets in the picture, the best choice is a family home with plenty of outdoor space and extra rooms.

As far as work goes, it’s a good idea to get an early start so that you won’t be swamped with trying to unpack and establish a website or launch a marketing campaign at the same time. If relocating for your job requires more schooling, consider enrolling in an online program. Earning a degree online is typically more affordable than in-person learning, and you’ll have the flexibility to continue working full-time as you complete the coursework.

Once you have a move-in date in mind, start working backwards and plan for other activities such as:

Packing your belongings

Contacting schools and enrolling your kids into classes

Booking train/air tickets if required

Hiring movers

Choose the Right Home

When shortlisting homes it’s important to conduct thorough online research which includes learning about home prices, cost-of-living, future housing market trends, and more. Use an online cost of living calculator to gather this information in addition to hiring a skilled real estate agent like Sandra Erbe who can find properties that fit your requirements.

Once you have a shortlist, plan to visit the location in person. It’s a good idea to research the local market, as well. In addition to visiting the home, also travel around the neighborhood and ascertain proximity to parks, playgrounds, schools, vets, hospitals, recreational amenities, and the city center. All these will play a big factor in your standard of living, making them an integral part of your decision-making process

Solely making decisions based on internet pictures/videos can prove to be costly as there is noway to verify if they are up-to-date. When you visit the home in person, scrutinize all aspects of the property and ask necessary questions to your agent regarding its condition, history of tenants, and maintenance costs.

Reduce Moving Costs

As reported by All Round Moving, individuals can no longer use moving expenses as tax deductions like they were allowed to until 2017. Earlier, individuals could save thousands of dollars they spent on relocation, temporary accommodation, storage costs, and more, which now will significantly increase their moving budget.

To reduce these costs, negotiate with your employer to cover your relocation expenses. Inquire whether your company has policies in place to assist employees with relocation, the amount of coverage, and the procedure to avail it. As reported by MyMove, an effective way to negotiate coverage is to make an accurate report including all your costs and submit it to your boss.

Additionally, your employer may assist you in finding a home, connecting you with other employees relocated to the area, covering costs of traveling to view the property, and arranging for temporary housing if needed.

Hire the Right Services

To reduce the stress of moving, delegate important responsibilities to professionals who can handle them in an affordable and timely manner. This can include:

Movers: Professional movers can cover all your moving chores such as packing, transportation, and unpacking. If you are relocating across state lines, with movers you can transport your belongings before your move, allowing you to have access to everything once you reach.

Pest Control: Book a pest control examination of your home before moving in to eliminate any possible infestations or hives.

Roofers: If you find yourself dealing with a leaky roof post moving in, conduct a simple online search to find certified roofers in your area.

The secret to having a smooth relocation is to take a deep breath, take your time, and plan ahead. All you have to do is figure out the cost and logistics in advance, then take advantage of the various types of assistance at your disposal.