This month’s local photography feature, Kim Johnson, was bound to latch onto the art of taking photos. She grew up around cameras with her father being a photographer in Vietnam and going on to work for ABC News. Although Johnson didn’t have her own camera until 15 years ago. she didn’t start shooting landscapes on a more serious level until just nine years ago. She says this seriousness started when she was looking for beach pictures to decorate her house, but was shocked to find out that images of beaches sold locally weren’t from her area. From then on, she started to notice different aspects of nature and wildlife while waiting for sunsets, going to local parks and refuges, and becoming inspired by the beauty that is right in front of all of us. As a photographer, Johnson believes the best time to shoot is around sunset or sunrise, AKA golden hour. She has been published in Delaware Beach Life Magazine and has a gallery in Lewes at The Gallery On Savannah. For more information, you can find Kim Johnson on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.