For August, we’ve decided to feature Kevin Lynam, a local photographer who takes pride in each shot he captures whether it’s a wild animal or an ocean wave. Below, is a biography provided by Kevin where he discusses his love for photography and gives some advice for other photographers.

“I got into photography about three years ago, as an escape from the stress of my day to day career in the trade show and events industry. Growing up, I was always blessed with some really unique and up close and personal moments with wildlife, this got me thinking about photography as a means to capture some of the most scenic and memorable moments in my life.

What I quickly discovered is that I had a natural eye for it. My photography is very personal and enchanting. It’s a means to be in a moment, and to enjoy every drop of life’s adventures. With lots of hard work and practice, it has become effortless and fun. Each outing affords me the opportunity to be very in-tune with nature, as well as feeling a strong spiritual connection to the Earth and each and every one of God’s creatures. You might even say that photography has become entrenched in my soul and is now part of the fabric that makes up my DNA.

For me, it’s about the adventure and excitement of getting out for a memorable landscape or wildlife shoot. It is the salt in the air, the sand beneath my feet, and the sun shining on my face. It is the call of our native wildlife and the moments that make people smile. I love helping others and lifting people up. Nowadays there is so much negativity and hardship in the world, that I choose to let my photos speak for me. Photography has helped me grow personally and allowed me to shine my light brightly, even in the darkest places.

I am often asked what the key is to good composition by those who are interested in getting into photography. The answer, it is not just about what you see, it is what is in your heart, composition is multi-sensory, like the smell of the sea, or the sounds of the waves crashing, or the stunning clouds overhead, it is the feelings you bring to each moment that make for a great picture. Channeling this energy and your feelings is the key, use them to elevate your photos. 

Above all else, have fun doing it! Life is far too short to not enjoy the beautiful moments in all of our lives.  

I have been published in the Cape Gazette, The OC Dispatch, and I currently have a stunning new home gallery being constructed in Milton, DE. Currently you can find my work at The DAC’s Creative Markets, 26 Ocean Gallery in Rehoboth, on Wilmington Ave, my Facebook page, my Instagram, and on my personal website. “