by Joshua Leventhal

Did you know that selling your beach house can be both emotionally challenging and time consuming? In essence, it can feel as if strangers are invading your privacy each and every time a potential buyer tours your property. Keep in mind that they will openly criticize your home, your style and your tastes. They will probably offer you less money that you think your beach house is worth now that the residential real estate market has slowed down a bit.  Potential buyers will also open your closets, poke around your house, and be real pains in the you know what.

However, you’re selling your beach house for a good reason whether that reason is to move to a larger beach house, downscale, or cash out your investment. The bottom line is that you need to sell your property for the most money that you can, and as an added bonus, have the process be as smooth and stress free as possible. That being said, it’s easy for home sellers to make mistakes with such a complicated transaction. However, the best way to sell your beach house comes down to an incredibly basic principle. 

The biggest and most crucial mistake that many home sellers make is not hiring a professional real estate agent that specializes in selling properties in South DE and MD beach towns. If you think you can go about the process on your own, chances are you can’t. Even if you do end up selling your beach house yourself, the probability that you end up leaving a significant amount of money on the table is extremely high. Plus, you will most likely find that the time and aggravation just isn’t worth it. A professional real estate agent will work with your best interests in mind. 

That means the agent will help you set a realistic, fair, and competitive selling price for your property. In addition, when you work with a real estate agent who has been in the business for many years, they will have the skills and experience to negotiate on your behalf. This is incredibly important because the days of multiple buyers getting into bidding wars, and paying far more than the original asking price have unfortunately come to an end. Remember when we mentioned that sellers who attempt to sell their homes on their own typically end up leaving money on the table? 

The negotiation process is where the mistake of not hiring an agent has the most impact. A real estate agent will help you get more money for your beach house than you could on your own. In addition, if any issues pop up during the process, the agent is there to handle them for you. A professional real estate agent will also significantly reduce the emotional aspect of selling your beach house because they will be the ones interacting with the potential buyers. Real estate agents also weed out the tire kickers who want to check out your beach house, but have zero intent on making an actual offer. 

In conclusion, hiring a professional real estate agent to sell your beach house will save you a lot of time. It will also reduce the stress that’s associated with the process. Most importantly, a professional real estate agent will help you sell your beach house for the most money possible. This is critically important during a time when it’s turning from a sellers market into a buyers market. 

Sandra Erbe, aka Sandra Sells the Shore, is a full time Keller Williams real estate professional that understands the fact that buying or selling a home is far more than just a transaction. It’s actually a life changing experience. That’s why she takes great pride in the relationship aspect of residential real estate. Sandra works relentlessly on her clients behalf in order to help them achieve all of their real estate related goals.