From Amanda Hofstetter:

My artists at Marley Elementary School are amazing! They love to learn and often times, this is their first time working with art supplies. One time a first grader painted her hands and the table with green paint as she was so fascinated with it… she had never seen or used paint before. As a Title 1 school, many of my artists lack the basics necessities they require for daily life. I want the art studio to be their place to play and experiment.

Donors Choose is a great way to get the supplies that our art studio could really benefit from. This is my third year making a wish list, since as a teacher, I often purchase supplies out of my own pocket. Donors Choose gives teachers a place to get the help they need!

I am excited for this year’s wish list as I am asking for brain-building puzzles and activities. These will be used for brain breaks after their projects have been completed. I know that they would love to experiment with the items on this wish list. 

Don’t just shop my list, please give to other teachers that could use your support too!

Visit the link here to donate to Amanda’s Donors Choose fundraiser and share it with others!